Using Transformative Hypnotherapy To Combat Anxiety

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Ever had thoughts or concerns about something that has not happened?  Maybe thoughts or concerns about something that you simply think could happen (whether actual or imagined), and these thoughts and concerns are driving you crazy, keeping your mind racing in circles?  Perhaps, you are like the millions of people having trouble focusing on important day-to-day things because you continue to worry or have excessive concern about something that you really believe may happen. 

Consider this: Anxiety and depression only exist on negative thinking and negative self-talk. The more you think negative thoughts or repeat and talk about your worries, the more negative you feel, and the more anxious you feel.  This, you already know: you are worrying about something that you believe could happen, something that has not happened, but something that you have come to believe might jusssst happen.

The truth is, feeling anxious and worried most of the time is an emotional drain on your mind and body (your energy) and can completely steal the happiness from your relationships, from your life.  So, what does your anxiety look like, how do you experience anxiety?  Well, it could be one or more of these: having a rapid heartbeat, a queasy or uneasy feeling in your body or stomach, maybe some chest discomfort, maybe a tightness and ache in your throat, possibly even a shortness of breath with feelings of panic and urgency to get away or leave wherever you are at the time. And, as you may have already experienced, if you continue to think about the issue and you continue to talk about the issue, anxiety can quickly begin to grow in intensity and frequency that impacts every aspect of your life (work, social, family, sleep). Anxiety, even when starting small and “reasonable”, can eventually lead to other unreasonable fears, such as not wanting to leave your home or be in social situations.

Yes, indeed, anxiety can very quickly take root when you allow and entertain negative thoughts and negative self-talk to continue.  Further, when you repeat those negative thoughts over time, not just to others (gossiping) but to yourself, it very often becomes a belief, and beliefs are part of the foundation (subconscious mind) of how you operate.  Moreover, when your emotions are attached to those recurring thoughts (especially in a heightened state such as yelling/screaming), the beliefs just become even more deeply rooted.  And, ironically, more so sadly, the majority of your thoughts, when logically analyzed, are most often distorted thoughts, based on inaccurate perceptions.

Well, if you come to realize that your thoughts are distorted or not true, how come you are unable to simply change your thoughts?  Why can’t you just logically figure it out and make it right?  Yes, that is the question, is it not?  Well, you can’t reason it out (logically) because your beliefs and emotions are stored in your subconscious mind, and your reasoning and rational thoughts (logic) occur in your conscious mind.

Consider this: Logical solutions will never resolve emotional issues™

Have you ever found yourself arguing or trying to persuade or convince someone with “evidence” that is logical and rational, but they simply refused to accept what is logically true?  Or, maybe you have had such a strong belief about something that despite any rational or logical information provided to you at that time, you refused to accept the information.  Your logical (conscious) mind is like a guard standing in front of a vault (subconscious mind) stored with valuables, with the guard having explicit instructions (beliefs) to only allow certain things in and only allow certain things to come out of the vault (subconscious mind).  So (generally) the guard (conscious mind) is on duty, assessing and screening information, instantaneously determining what to allow in and allow out of the vault (subconscious mind).  In essence, when you are alert and operating normally from your conscious mind, you aren’t able to access your powerful subconscious mind, where you have all of the resources necessary to make changes in your life.  

Who you are (your beliefs) is a result of all of your life experiences—what you have been told and not told, what you have experienced and not experienced, and all of these experiences are stored in your subconscious mind; it is how you have been shaped and programmed.  Thus, to change most things (how you are programmed), you have to go to where the programs are stored in your subconscious mind and either modify a program or delete a program and create a new program, and then start the modified or new program (when you go to sleep, your mind will update your programming).

Ok, so now you have a basic understanding that, more often than not, you personally can’t “consciously” make changes to how you behave that will be long-lasting (after the motivation and encouragement go away) without going into where the beliefs and behaviors (programs) are stored (your subconscious mind).  Well, if you are unable to do this on your own, what do you do?

The answer is The Mind Doctor®.  He utilizes various hypnotherapy and somatic techniques that will allow you to access your subconscious mind where your emotions, perceptions, and beliefs are stored and can be changed utilizing resources that are also stored in your subconscious mind.

Your Mind is your most powerful tool you have and EVERYTHING starts in your Mind™  Allow me to change your Mind™.

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