The Mind Doctor® Sits Down With The Gumbo Radio Show

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The Mind Doctor® sits down with the Gumbo Radio Show and explores how behaviors and patterns (positive and negative) are created and deleted!

If you continue to repeat negative patterns, despite genuinely wanting to change… If you have found yourself promising you will never do something again, or promising to continue doing something going forward and then you broke your promise to yourself or someone else after a few hours, a few days, or few weeks… Consider this: Logical solutions will NEVER resolve emotional issues! Most people can easily go to the “next level” because they can see the steps to the “next level”.

Yet, very few people can operate in the “next dimension”, a place not seen, but a place where EVERYTHING is called forth from the invisible and made visible!

Allow me to transform your Mind and I’ll change your Mindset™ The Mind Doctor®

Dr. Kawakami Dr. K

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