The Inner Child in You

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The inner child in you is a collection and assortment of memories within your personality; it is a representation of difficult and challenging experiences or sadness that you experienced growing up as a child.  While you may not have heard about or know very little about “the inner child” and how “the inner child” is represented, it is important to understand that healing the inner child is key to functioning in a healthy manner as an adult.  Your adult drama is simply your unresolved childhood trauma (your adverse experiences)!  The process of healing the inner child is widely used in hypnotherapy to help people battling with addiction, suffering from PTSD, or simply negative adverse childhood experiences.

You may know, even if nobody has ever said anything to you or brought it to your attention, that you are experiencing thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or behaviors that are not healthy or beneficial.  Thus, taking time to heal your “inner child” can help with many of your issues.  Whatever your age is now, it doesn’t even matter!  There have been, and there are going to be, times when you think that life is too much and you feel so overwhelmed; this “overwhelmed” feeling didn’t just pop up, it came from somewhere.

The overwhelmed feelings you experienced are a result of something that you previously experienced and comes from your inner child.  Yes, even though you are now an adult and you may even be doing “pretty good” in life, you still have or will experience fears, worries, feelings of sadness, shame, guilt, loneliness, and more.

Yes, these are the feelings (and others) that will inexplicably stop you from reaching your true potential, fulfilling your destiny, and/or continue to feel “stuck”.  These are the types of feelings that will unknowingly impact you in a way that will have you shy away from life’s challenges and/or avoid pursuing the beautiful possibilities and potential of tomorrow!

The great news for you is once you allow someone who specializes in the mind (The Mind Doctor®) to examine the experiences of your childhood (inner child), he will be able to identify the issues, modify or delete the issues, and then reprogram your mind so you can begin to function how you were originally designed for optimal performance! 

Your Mind is your most powerful tool you have and EVERYTHING starts in your Mind™  Allow me to change your Mind™.

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