The Impact of Your Childhood On Your Mind

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“My childhood wasn’t that bad.” I guess I survived.” or “Growing up was hell for me.”  Whether you describe your childhood as “great,” “ok,” or “very bad,” everything you experienced growing up is stored inside of you and has shaped who you are today.

The impact of childhood experiences (negative, positive, undesirable, bad, and indifferent) can be any event, whether large or small.  However, research indicates that your negative, unresolved childhood experiences are at the origin of most of your issues.  Indeed, your adult drama is often a result of your unresolved childhood trauma (negative emotional experiences).  For example, if you imagine your own childhood experiences for a moment, there may have been experiences that caused you, at some point, to feel anxious, afraid, unlovable, insecure, helpless, confused, depressed, overwhelmed, angry, rejected, alone, and more.  Are any of the below familiar?

Common Childhood Experiences That Result in Trauma:

  • Being belittled and/or ridiculed
  • Teased, bullied (by older kids, peers, and/or siblings)
  • Made to feel unsafe, such as the threat of abandonment or being kicked out of the home
  • Parent(s) failing to express affection and love (physical and verbal)
  • Parents that divorce
  • Parents that argue and fight
  • Domestic violence
  • Unstable home, disruptive home
  • Witnessing violence in the home, community, television
  • Being part of a new blended family

**Any highly stressful event because it critically affects a young developing mind

Adverse childhood experiences like those identified above are like a computer virus in your mind.  For example, on your computer, you often are unaware of the virus that’s hidden somewhere on your hard drive, silently operating in the background. Yet, it slows down the performance of your computer and, at some point, often results in everything coming to an unexpected crash!  Similarly, you are also often unaware of a virus that’s hidden somewhere in your mind, unconsciously operating in the background; yet, your past negative experiences (trauma) slows down your performance and silently and negatively influences your thoughts, feelings, and choices.

Consider this: The computer with a virus often still functions, just not the way it was initially designed for optimal performance.  Similarly, you are also still functioning, just not the way you were originally designed for optimal functioning.  And, on a computer, many times, there are several viruses that are silently impacting the overall performance of the hard drive.  Indeed, there are often many childhood experiences that have impacted your overall functioning and the optimal performance of your mind!  The great news is once you take your computer to someone who specializes in computers (the “tech expert”) and allow the “expert” to examine it, the “expert” can identify the issues, delete the issues, and then reprogram and reboot the computer so it can be restored to operate how it was originally designed for optimal performance!

Very similarly, the great news for you is once you allow someone who specializes in the mind (The Mind Doctor®) to examine your “hard drive” (subconscious mind), he will be able to identify the issues, modify or delete the issues, and then reprogram your mind so you can begin to function how you were originally designed for optimal performance!

Your Mind is your most powerful tool you have and EVERYTHING starts in your Mind™  Allow me to change your Mind™.

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