The Healing for Your Pain is in Your Pain

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Were you aware that everything you do is being recorded?  That’s right, recorded! Whatever you do, whatever you see, smell, taste, hear, feel, and experience is being recorded.  In essence, you are a human video recorder, storing everything, everywhere you go, all of your experiences. The experiences you are aware of, and even the experiences you are not aware of, and your body even records a physical memory of all of your experiences.

Research indicates that you have many memories stored in your brain that you can recall at any time. You can recall names and faces, you are able to recall where an event took place and what it sounded like and smelled like at that event.  However, research also indicates that over time, your memories fade or become distorted as time passes, and as you get older memories become harder to recall the greater the length of time between actually recalling (remembering) the event or experience.  Yet, consider this: even when your memory begins to fade in your mind (your inability to recall the complete experience), that experience still often remains in your body in the form of physical sensations and behavior patterns (energy stored in your nervous system).

Did you know that events and experiences leave physiological imprints in our bodies?

If you had known these things or had been taught these things, you would be able to soothe your stress response right after it was triggered.  However, as you know, you were not taught these things.  As a result (and without a clue), you are living each day with the physical imprints of your past experiences (good and bad) stored in your body.  Further, because you have been clueless that your body has these physical imprints (memories, stored energy), you most likely do not have any idea of how to release and heal yourself of the physical memories stored in your body!

Consider this: Ever felt your body tense up when you have been called upon to answer a question in front of people?  Ever felt your body tense up when you have had to borrow money or ask for help?  Or, perhaps you stumbled or tripped and then saw people looking at you; remember your face feeling flush or hot?  What you felt in those experiences and so many others were the sensation(s) that your body remembered.

Your body is recalling that experience when you were called upon (perhaps the first time) to answer a question, and you didn’t know what to say, and you felt humiliated.  Maybe it was when you felt ashamed or embarrassed when you had to ask someone for money or had to ask them for help. Your mind may not even be able to recall the details of the original experience.  Yet, your body was able to respond in the way it remembered the original experience – with physical sensations (nausea, sweating, ringing in the ears, tenseness in the shoulders, headaches, and more.)

Every day, people live with anxiety, stress, and trauma.  And, unfortunately, people often use food, alcohol, drugs, and other addictive behaviors (smoking, gambling, shopping, and more) to calm themselves and ease the emotional discomfort / bringing a feeling of safety and comfort.

There isn’t anything wrong with using self-care (hobbies, exercise, and leisure activities) to help soothe or ease the pain.  However, those may only be short-term logical solutions for what we know to be long-term emotional issues that need full healing!

The Mind Doctor® can understand what is now happening as an adult because of what has happened to you as a child and, more importantly, will be able to determine a course of action so that you will be restored to live and function how you were originally designed for optimal functioning and relationships!

Your Mind is your most powerful tool you have and EVERYTHING starts in your Mind™  Allow me to change your Mind™.

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