Reprogramming Your Subconscious With Hypnotherapy To Combat Fears and Phobias


Why am I so afraid to… Why do I have a fear of…

Fears and phobias live only in your subconscious mind.  Therefore, when someone gives you a “logical” reason or explanation of why you should not be afraid (hey, relax—the dog doesn’t even bite), you are very often unable to process and accept the logical or rational statement(s) as true.

Consider this, if it were that simple, if it were as simple as taking someone’s advice or listening to their logical explanation and then applying it, you would have indeed done that by now, right?

Phobias (or a fear of something) start with you having an experience (a situation), along with one or more negative thought(s) about that experience, and then attached or associated with the negative emotion(s) that you had during that experience.  The “experience” you had could have been something as “simple” as listening to another person talk about something that they went through, or it could have been you watching something on television or in a movie.  Or, it could have been an actual experience you went through that resulted in you being afraid of something (person, place, or thing).

In other words, when you have experienced something especially in a heightened emotional time, and you have negative thoughts and negative emotions attached to this experience, you may develop an irrational belief.  And, as I’ve shared, beliefs reside in your subconscious mind – a place that does not respond to “logic” and “explanations.” 

Therefore, because hypnotherapy and other somatic techniques deal with the subconscious mind, they are very often the best approaches to address fears and phobias.  I address these types of things in your subconscious mind, where they exist, utilizing various techniques to modify or delete past experiences, and then reprogram with whatever it is that you’ve (or we’ve) decided is your best or highest positive intention.

Your Mind is your most powerful tool you have and EVERYTHING starts in your Mind™  Allow me to change your Mind™.

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