Hypnotherapy 101: Introduction To Hypnotherapy

Combining Conversational and Covert Hypnosis, NLP, & High Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Kawakami creates amazingly enjoyable learning experiences that will have you asking for more, more than before, even nowww!


In this Introductory Level workshop, there will be a review of history, concepts, definitions and misconceptions of hypnosis, ethical use, diagnostic considerations, and how language (words) and imagery (pictures) influence the emotional brain.


This basic Introductory Level workshop will be both didactic and experiential with an emphasis on laying the foundation every clinician needs — a neuroscience background for implementing hypnotherapy in your clinical practice.


Do you really want to continue with the outdated talk-therapy approach of “tell me more about…” …”what I hear you saying is…”?


If you can choose between resolving a client “issue” in as little as 1-3 sessions OR having to slowly address “issues” over months and years – what would you choose?  Seriously! Would you take the elevator or the stairs?


It’s time to get excited about developing a life changing skill set that creates rapid, deeper, and long-lasting change now!


Learning Objectives:


  1. Define and explore the history of Hypnosis.
  2. Define hypnotherapy and review evidence regarding its effectiveness.
  3. Identify misconceptions of hypnosis, ethical use, diagnostic considerations.
  4. Define the Mind and discuss the differences between unconscious, conscious, and subconscious mind.
  5. Explore the Neuroscience of Hypnosis (top, bottom, middle brain), polyvagal theory, and the role of the Autonomic system (Sympathetic, Parasympathetic) in processing of memory and emotional reactions.
  6. Compare talk therapy methods vs using hypnotherapy and other somatic techniques for resolving issues.
  7. Utilize the latest research on the importance of engaging the emotional brain and somatic experience to facilitate new learning and how hypnotherapy is a perfectly suited intervention.
  8. Demonstrate several ways to induce a hypnotic trance and the importance of engaging the emotional brain.
  9. Examine and pontificate upon whether we are putting someone into a trance, or whether we are taking someone out of a trance.

             ! WARNING !     ! WARNING !


These workshops will never be one of those painfully boring “lectures” from one of those painfully boring people,

where you are ready to go as soon as it starts!

However, you should consider attending only if you are open to laughing, pondering new possibilities and perspectives, or

experiencing what it means to “stop and smell the roses” as you pause life with your peers and allow us to pour into your

Mind, Body, & Spirit!


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