Hypnotherapy Is A Powerful Tool To Overcome Depression At A Subconscious Level

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If you have ever experienced depression, you are not alone. Millions of people are clinically diagnosed with various forms of depression, while there are also millions of other people who suffer from depression who are not clinically diagnosed.

Depression has been defined as, among many other ways, being in a state of negative or pessimistic thinking, with feelings or apathy or sadness.  And, although “states” are defined as temporary behaviors or feelings dependent upon a person’s situation (vs. traits that are consistent and long-lasting), it can be a time when your mind views everything from a negative lens.  What has your depression looked like, what have your experiences been that you equate to depression?  Perhaps, it could be one or more of these: Avoiding people; easily irritated; withdrawn; described as “moody” by friends and family; easily angered; restless; loss of appetite; overeating; loss of hope; unexplained crying; excessive crying; lack of concentration; focused on / fixated on specific thoughts or events; and, among many other characteristics – possible thoughts of harming yourself or suicide.

For example, because of your experiences or situation, you may find it difficult to see anything that is positive and, as a result, experience feelings of hopelessness. And, if you are like the millions of people who suffer from depression, you may have had this type of self-talk or may have been given this type of talk from someone who cares about you: I (You) have a job, a home, a great family. There are many people worse off than me (you). I (You) don’t have any reason to complain. Yet, despite this logical reasoning, why do I (you) continue to feel this way?

You feel this way because logical reasoning and solutions do not resolve painful, emotional issues.  In other words, you may logically know that there are many more people who are experiencing situations worse than yours—you really believe it and can consciously empathize with those in far worse situations than yours.  Yet, a very short time later, you are right back to experiencing your own sadness and believing your situation is hopeless, etc…

Those “negative” emotions, thoughts, and feelings are stored in your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is the source for changing the negativity and pessimism that is draining your energy every moment of the day.  Gaining access to your subconscious mind, The Mind Doctor® can utilize the resources (you already have inside of you) to change your programming that will shift your thinking, beliefs, and your perceptions; in essence, getting rid of beliefs and behaviors that do not benefit you and creating beliefs and behaviors that best represent your optimal functioning!

Your Mind is your most powerful tool you have and EVERYTHING starts in your Mind™  Allow me to change your Mind™.

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