How Emotions Get Stuck in Your Body

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As I watched my father beat my mother, she screamed for help. I remember also screaming for my father to stop hurting her.  So, what happens when you experience an adverse event at a highly emotionally charged time?  When you have a negative emotional experience (trauma), you are unable to release the energy that is now linked to the stressful, negative experience. Thus, the negative emotional energy of the experience (trauma) becomes stuck or programmed in your body.

For example, if you experience or know of someone who has experienced something from the list below, then you can also believe these “issues” came from somewhere / have a source. Take a look at the list of “issues” and then take a look at where they may have originated / the source. Please Note: What is experienced on the left may come from any of the sources on the right – they do not line up. For example, feelings of anxiety / panic attacks and phobias do NOT necessarily only come from physical abuse -those feelings may have originated from any of the sources listed.

Feeling You Experience:

·       Anxiety / Panic Attacks and Phobias
·       Feeling Disconnected and Detached
·       Feeling Isolated and Alone
·       Depression
·       Fears
·       Helplessness and Hopelessness
·       Excessive Worry (Rumination)
·       Hyper-Vigilant
·       Hyperactive and Unable to Focus
·       Mood Swings
·       Anger Outbursts
·       Weight Gain
·       Extreme Sensitivity to Light or Sound
·       Insomnia and Nightmares
·       Loss of Memory
·       Physical Pain
·       Chronic Fatigue
·       Loss of Vitality
·       Detachment and Dissociation
·       Inability to Deal with Stress
·       Chronic Physical Illness
Where It May Have Originated / Possible Sources:
·       Physical Abuse
·       Verbal Abuse
·       Bullying
·       Neglect / Abandonment
·       Trauma During Birth
·       Criticism, Judgment, and Shaming
·       Anger and Violence (directly or witness)
·       Rape, Incest, Sexual Molestation
·       Vehicle Crash
·       Any Type of Surgery
·       Divorce
·       Death of a loved one
·       Combat or War
·       Suicide of Someone You Love
·       Homeless
·       Illness
·       Torture
·       Any Threat To Your Life
·       Physically Attacked
·       Healing Childhood Trauma

As a child, whatever the age, you were extremely sensitive and vulnerable to what you experienced.  In other words, it’s not only the things that happened directly to you, but it’s also the things you saw or heard (vicariously) that have significantly impacted you.  Further, when you experienced something (directly or indirectly), due to the negative experience (especially at a highly emotionally charged time), your mind may have distorted what happened and then stored the information incorrectly.

Consider this:  How is it that time after time, even though you consciously and logically know it will end in a bad way or that it’s not good for you, you make choices that result in the same negative ending?  Well, first there is a presupposition that you were actually making a “choice” when you said what you said, did what you did. Yet, consider this as well: If you have been trained in boxing for many years and have been programmed to “bob and weave” when someone throws a punch, then when someone throws a punch, are you choosing to “bob and weave” or are you simply reacting instinctively, without any thought, because that’s the way you have been trained (programmed) for many years?

After years of training to “bob and weave” when someone throws a punch, could you stand there and not duck when someone throws a punch?  Initially, it would be very, very difficult just to stand there and not “instinctively” move out of the way; and you could not do it consistently without being “reprogrammed”—in essence, undoing what you have learned to do without thinking.

In the perfect world, children would not be teased, bullied, witness parents fighting, experience someone getting killed, etc…  And, in this perfect world, if they did experience traumatic events, the children would be able to process the experience without any issues and simply move on with their lives.

However, children very often do not have the kind of emotional and cognitive skills required to process traumatic experiences without skilled assistance.  In other words, the still-developing mind and personality of a child is very often unable to process the experience, resulting in unresolved trauma.  That “experience,” those “experiences,” are never resolved and, ultimately, the child grows into an adult – and those “experiences” are still there, somewhere deep inside the subconscious mind, and more than likely unknowingly impacting the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of the adult.

As an adult, the unresolved childhood experiences (trauma) could now look like (among so many other things): difficulty with interpersonal relationships, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anger and bitterness, sadness, loneliness, emptiness, impulsive and dangerous behaviors, feeling “stuck”, and the list goes on and on. 

Are any of those behaviors and feelings familiar to you?

The great news for you is once you allow someone who specializes in the mind (The Mind Doctor®) to examine your subconscious mind, he will be able to identify the issues, modify or delete the issues (releasing the pain of the past), and then reprogram your mind so you can begin to function how you were originally designed for optimal functioning and relationships!

Your Mind is your most powerful tool you have and EVERYTHING starts in your Mind™  Allow me to change your Mind™.

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