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Trauma & Pain

The Impact of Trauma On Your Mind

The triggering event itself does not cause traumatic symptoms (what you experience and what we see on the outside).  On the contrary, traumatic symptoms are a result of the frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved and discharged in the nervous system as documented by Peter Levine. I Don’t Have Any Trauma! The

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The Mind

The Impact of Your Childhood On Your Mind

“My childhood wasn’t that bad.” I guess I survived.” or “Growing up was hell for me.”  Whether you describe your childhood as “great,” “ok,” or “very bad,” everything you experienced growing up is stored inside of you and has shaped who you are today. The impact of childhood experiences (negative, positive, undesirable, bad, and indifferent)

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How To Stop Low Self-Esteem Dead In It’s Tracks

I have trouble accepting compliments and believing things like when I hear things like: “You are pretty/attractive/handsome; You are so talented; You are brilliant and intelligent; You look very nice today; You did a great job; etc… How come I’m uncomfortable whenever I’m given compliments? It actually feels sorta weird and awkward, and I often

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Fear & Anxiety

Using Transformative Hypnotherapy To Combat Anxiety

Ever had thoughts or concerns about something that has not happened?  Maybe thoughts or concerns about something that you simply think could happen (whether actual or imagined), and these thoughts and concerns are driving you crazy, keeping your mind racing in circles?  Perhaps, you are like the millions of people having trouble focusing on important

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The Mind

Why Transformative Hypnotherapy Over Traditional Talk Therapy?

Whether you’re struggling with shame, guilt, depression, sadness, low self-esteem & self-worth, PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, loss & grief, confusion, emptiness, hopelessness, trust and attachment issues, uncontrollable anger, feeling stuck or unmotivated, or having feelings of failure –what you are experiencing today, more often than not, may be a result of what you have experienced

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